Why A Catastrophe Like the Sewol Ferry Sinking Should Never Be Allowed to Happen Again

On April 16, 2014, hundreds of desperate voices cried out for rescue – but most of those cries went unanswered. The tragic sinking of the Sewol ferry cost the lives of 304 people – most of them students out on a school trip – and has garnered the world’s attention.

Questions Unanswered for the Grieving Families

Even though months have passed since the ferry disaster, a lot of uncertainty remains surrounding the incident. The captain and some of the crew are rightly being held responsible for their failure to get the passengers off the ship. However, the problems buzzing around the ferry disaster are too numerous to ignore. Lax safety regulations and improper response issues are just two of them.

A Call for An Independent Investigation

We implore government officials to act in concert with the will of the people in order to bring about change. New procedures and regulations are required to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors. Thousands of regular people - in South Korea and in other countries - have been raising their voices in support of the victims' families to help bring the truth of the disaster to light and closure to the families.

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